1-1 Online Personal Training Program
1-1 Online Personal Training Program
1-1 Online Personal Training Program
1-1 Online Personal Training Program

1-1 Online Personal Training Program


Are you ready to prioritize self-love on your health and fitness journey? My 1-1 Online personal training program for women is designed to empower you with a customized approach, tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Crank up your fitness with a full month of personalized training – 5 workouts a week for just $150. That's only $7.50 per session!

Whether your goal is to shed extra pounds, gain strength, or maintain your current weight, this program is all about YOU. I understand that every woman's journey is different, and I celebrate that individuality. No more striving for unattainable ideals or harsh self-criticism. It's time to embark on a fitness path that's as unique as you are.

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Because your needs are our priority.


You've felt disconnected to Health & Fitness for some period of time and you're ready to have a personalized program made for you and your needs. Regardless of your training goal, you're ready to be intentional about your journey while treating your body with kindness and love.

You have a goal that you'd like to achieve

You've lost sight of the joy in health and fitness due to societal pressures. You're seeking a reset that's realistic, tailored to your unique needs.

You're looking for a realistic program

Health and fitness aren't about constantly chasing 'more.' It's not about switching routines or extreme diets. We're here to help you achieve lasting, sustainable change with Sweat Rewards.

You crave accountability

Struggling to stay committed to your fitness goals? We've got you covered. Our program offers weekly check-ins, honest feedback, a private accountability group, and a caring fitness coach who supports your holistic well-being, judgment-free.

We offer you a range of possibilities

At Sweat Rewards, we offer diverse paths to your health and fitness goals, emphasizing holistic well-being over numbers. We're here to make fitness a lifestyle. If you have unique needs or ideas, contact us, and we'll tailor a plan just for you.

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